Product description: Tape

Sealable, co-extruded triple layer polypropylene tape. Highly stretched tape with outstanding mechanical properties, produced via the patented PURE® technology. PURE® tapes can be used for weaving into thermoformable fabric (e.g. plain or twill style), for filament winding or tape laying processes.

Colours:                   standard grey and white
Tape width:              2,2 mm
Linear density:         1000 denier (1100 dTex)
Tensile strength:      500 MPa (7 grams/ denier)
E-Module:                 14 GPa
Shrinkage:                < 5.5% (130 °C)
Elongation:               6%
Sealing range:          130 - 180

Special grades available on request. For a more detailed information, please check the technical data sheet.