DIT B.V., part of the DWI Holding B.V. is based in Dinxperlo, the Netherlands.
Main activity of DIT is production(weaving) and sales of PURE®, 100% Polypropylene self-reinforced composite material. PURE® is developed and patented by company Lankhorst.
Since 2016 DIT b.v.is appointed by Lankhorst as distributor for PURE® materials for all markets. PURE® is available as Tape, Fabric or Sheet and can be used to press-form or construct various composite applications and components.
Our expertise combines almost 20 years of experience on PURE® technology with extensive know-how on tape weaving technology.
PURE® is the top range 100% Polypropylene self-reinforced composite material.
PURE® material is unique and can create your most durable, low weight and ultimate tough thermoplastic composite solutions.

PURE® tape:

Product: Sealable weaving tape, co-extruded triple layer all-PP


PURE® fabric:

Product: Thermoformable, Sealable fabric made from PURE® tapes


PURE® sheets:

Product: Sheet, pressed from PURE® fabric


PURE® features:

– Extreme tough!
– Light weight, low density
– 100% Polypropylene
– Fully recyclable


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