About PURE

PURE® technology

PURE® production technology is an innovative method to produce a very Light Polypropylene tape material. Combining a 3-layer co-extrusion with very high orientation of PP molecules, delivers a sealable tape material with High strength and Modulus. 


Co-extrusion (3-layers) offers the feature that PURE® tapes can be welded together with a certain sealing temperature window without losing mechanical properties.

The High Orientation of PURE® tape is, compared to normal PP, around 10-times stiffer and around 15% lower in Density. Furthermore impact resistance of PURE®is excellent, especially at (very) low temperatures.

As all-layers of PURE® tape are consisting of Polypropylene, the material concept is fully recyclable.

Finally, PURE® is available as Tape, Fabric and Sheet material.