DIT B.V., offers PURE® materials, top range 100% Polypropylene self-reinforced composite material.

PURE® material is unique, patented and can create your most durable, low weight and ultimate toughthermoplastic composite solutions. 

Our expertise combines almost 20 years of experience on PURE® technology with extensive know-how on tape weaving technology.

Our philosophy is to build up durable relationship with our customers.  


DIT B.V., part of the DWI Holding B.V. is based in Dinxperlo, the Netherlands.

Main activity of DIT is production(weaving) and sales of PURE®, the top range 100% Polypropylene self-reinforced composite material. PURE® is developed and patented by company Lankhorst.

Since 2016 DIT b.v.is appointed by Lankhorst as distributor for PURE® materials for all markets. PURE® is available as Tape, Fabricor Sheet and can be used to press-form or construct various composite applications and components.