PURE® sheets

PURE® sheets:

PURE® sheets we have limited portfolio available, as service  product to help you starting your developments.

Due to High tear-out strength PURE® sheets are recognized as a very suitable product for sail-reinforcement.

Product:                       Sheet, pressed from PURE® fabric, 

thickness after pressing: (1 layer app 0,13mm)

Thicknesses available:   3-layers(app. 0,4 mm), 6-layers(app. 0,8 mm), 9-layers(app. 1,2 mm)

Other thickness, on request

Dimensions standard:   120x240cm

Other width/length, on request

Colors:                         White and Grey(stock articles) 

Mechanical properties:

Tensile modulus:          5, 5 Gpa (ISO 527-4)

Tensile strength:          200 Mpa (ISO 527-4)    

More properties available on request.