PURE® tape:

PURE® tape:

Product:                       Sealable weaving tape, co-extruded triple layer all-PP

Colors (standard):         White, Grey, Graphite and Black

Additive package:         Long Term Thermal Stabilisation, 

others on request

Mechanical properties:

Linear density:              1100 dTex (1000 denier)

Tensile strength:          500 MPa (7 grams/denier)

E-Module(tensile):        14 GPa

Shrinkage (130°):          < 5,5%

Elongation:                   6%

Put up spools:               – Flat, 12”, cross winded, 6 kg spools

– Cardboard tube, inner dia 91 mm

– Tube length 335 mm

– Tag-end

PURE® tapes can be used in weaving processes, as well in (dry)filament winding and TFP processes.

! Due to excellent Low temperature behavior PURE® can well be considered for cryogenic circumstances.